"Cheerleaders at a Wedding"

Need I say more?


Cheerleaders at a Wedding comments on wedding culture and the hype associated with women being brides.  The work began as a trio and has been developed as a duet as well as an ensemble with up to 12 women.  This piece has been performed in theaters and festivals as well as weddings, benefits, basements, and living rooms. Yes, we do parties.




Choreographed by Indah M. Walsh in collaboration with dancers: Kyleigh Sackandy, Marie Doherty, and Jessica Mantell
Music:  Marvin Gaye and James Brown
Costumes: Indah M Walsh
Performers: Jessica Mantell and Kyleigh Sackandy

Performance History:
July 2014
- Warwick Summer Arts Festival, Warwick, NY
June 2014 - Wedding in Ithaca, NY
February 2011 - Taipei American School, Taipei, Taiwan
November 2009 - Raw Materials at Dance New Amsterdam, New York, NY