Choreography: Indah M. Walsh in collaboration with Jessica Mantell and Elliot Hammans
Originally Performed by: Jessica Mantell and Elliot Hammans
Music: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Costumes: Indah M. Walsh


"Falling Still"

After years of loving and being loved, this work attempts to express the beauty and comfort that comes with years of companionship and affection. Originally performed as a duet between a male and female and reworked for same sex partners, the work has evolved into a non-gender conforming statement about true partnership.


…Indah Walsh Dance Company offer(s) intentionally emotional dance with independence and integrity.
... Walsh, working at a microscopic level, reveals our reactive potential.
…Falling Still uses a Pergolesi duet in which the singers’ lines interlock in downwardly resolving suspensions that sequence upward, building hesitant tension as Jessica Mantell and Christian De Luna-Zuno chug with increasing speed…. Walsh is a “what-next” choreographer; her pieces catapult forward via baby steps. In Falling Still, Mantell drapes on Zuno’s back, takes a forearm, and shifts it like a joystick, locomoting the partnership. Such simplicity is a different kind of obvious, often unperceived.
— - Jonathan Matthews, Eye on Dance 2015


2016 National High School Dance Fest., Pittsburg, PA
2016 Pentacle’s Gallery Roster at APAP, NY, NY
2015 Steffi Nossen Showcase, Purchase, NY
2015 Private Party, Darien, CT
2015 Private Party, Long Island, NY
2015 Take Root Festival at Green Space, LIC, NY
2014 American Dance Guild Bare Bones Fest., NY, NY
2014 MFA II Concert at Tisch Dance, NY, NY