"Shay Kit"

A dark comedy with squirrelly, grotesque characters 


Set to music by Tom Waits, Shay Kit is a dark comedy with squirrelly characters.  The quartet of women move with smeared makeup and exaggerated expressions while the trio prances around screaming and clapping.  The dancers’ actions and reactions paired with the grotesque sounds of Tom Waits paints an absurd, yet comical scene.





Photo by Alex Fabozzi

Choreographed by Indah M Walsh in collaboration with the dancers
Music by Tom Waits
Lighting design by Jennifer Reiser
Costumes by Indah M Walsh and the dancers
Performed by Naomi Davis, Gwen Gussman, Kerry Kim, Sayer Mansfield, Molly McSherry, Maxwell Perkins, Ho-Ju Wu

Performance History:
November 2012
- "Part 1" premiered at NYU Tisch Dance, Showing II/III 
March 2013 - "Part 2" premiered at NYU Tisch Dance, MFA I Concert
April 2013 - Amalgamate Artist Series at Bridge for Dance, New York, NY
April 2013 - Comedy in Dance Festival at Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY