Warning: Works by Indah Walsh Dance Company may contain traces of humor, intimacy, audience participation, bad jokes, and women with shaved heads.    

Indah M. Walsh, Artistic Director of Indah Walsh Dance Company, creates participatory performance gatherings that challenge assumptions of live performance and social norms. As a woman of mixed ethnicity who grew up in western communities in different countries, Indah's work contains humor with an underlying commentary on race and gender. She works collaboratively to generate movement vocabulary unique to each piece. Her role as a choreographer is not only to make decisions about bodies moving in space, but to also shape the experience of the viewer. By considering a viewer’s journey beginning to end, the work is framed visually and experientially, allowing for meaningful engagement and lasting impact. Indah considers how her work should be viewed and creates the most relevant environment in which to watch. These designed gatherings are not events that audiences merely attend, but are opportunities for participants to contribute and connect to the work. When attending an IWDC performance, one may be asked to provide a codename, contribute a joke, or list any allergies (e.g. gluten, words like “brotherhood”, rom-coms, etc.). One may also be asked to provide words for a mad-libbed story that ends up being about a hypnotic stripper who asks for a volunteer to descend on that ennui so you just sting that fire truck (words contributed by audience members).