"Time Without Light"

A haunting portrayal of dark times

Time Without Light began as an investigation into artistic range.  While my past works have incorporated comedic elements, this piece follows a darker vision.  It's inspiration came from a static image taken from every-day life and evolved into a haunting portrayal of dark times.  Time Without Light incorporates use of wing space and very dim, single-source lighting, which draws attention to what is hidden or not seen.  Our collaborative efforts attempt to manipulate and transform the audience's perception of time and space.  Live musical accompaniment creates a spacious and eerie atmosphere while the behavior and interactions of the dancers generate chilling images that can be interpreted in different ways.  All of these components together express the many forms of darkness we experience as human beings. 

Dancers: Elliot Hammans and Maxwell Perkins


Choreographed by Indah M Walsh in collaboration with the dancers
Original music composed and performed live by Mathias Kunzli
Lighting design by Jennifer Reiser and Leslie Smith
Costume design by Michelle Roy
Performed by Elliot Hammans, Maxwell Perkins, Sayer Mansfield, and Jessica Mantell

Performance History:    
October 2013 - Premiered at NYU Tisch Dance, Second Avenue Dance Company Concert
April 2014 - Selected by faculty and students for Second Avenue Dance Company Retro Concert